Who we are

Dedimi is a family business.

Was founded in 2018 and the goal of the company is to make costumers, more specific children, happy. We started buying and selling toys all over the world and now we feel it's time to show our original product made by our talented team.

We have spent more than two years now and we want keep growing.

When we create a new product we are inspired by happiness mood and lots of colour. Yess we love colour. We don't follow trend we just let our mind free and instead we thrive on our instincts and what we feel right for us and our costumers.

We are here not just to make toys and gadgets but to make the world an happy place to live.

We take our time to develop a product (sometimes takes more than two months) this is because we wanna make sure that the product for our costumers is perfect and to mini-maze the waist.

Our children products are not made just for fun but also to educate them.