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Alphabet card game | 3 in 1 card games | A to Z category games and Memory game | Travel size

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AZDECK is an alphabet, A to Z card game for kids and families.

Must have card game for 2023.

There are 3 games in 1 box! AZDECK, AZDECK FAST and AZDECK MEMORY.

Plenty of options to keep the kids entertained. 

The box is small and easy to carry, perfect for taking away on travels or to your friends house.

Lots of fun for the family playing quick and fast paced games. Average game takes 15 minutes. 

Memory game linking the selected category to the Letter Card.

There are 14 categories and a full A to Z letters.

The Alphabet and Category cards are 8.5cm x 8.5cm and full of colour.

The Play cards puts a twist to the game where the player that does not know the answer will need to follow the cards instruction.