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  • detail of popndash game. Fun game for family
  • board game for kids age 6 plus 2 to 4 players fun family time
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Pop n Dash Race Board Game for kids - Racing and Chasing to Base Game - Pop n Dash Family Fun Games Trivial Pursuit

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Family game

This is an original fun game for all the family.


Playing Board With Popping Dice and 16 Playing Pieces. 4 for Each Contestant

Traditional game

Fun away from the screen

Game play

Family games 2 to 4 Players.


Game for Age 6 Years +

Technical Details

Package Dimensions:‎ 28.2 x 27.2 x 5.6 cm

Package Weight: 320 Grams

Number of Game Players: ‎ 2 - 4


Players can send opponents' pieces back to the start by landing on them. Players may not touch the other player's piece, otherwise the piece's owner must redo the pop / roll. Teaming is not allowed in the game. Pieces are protected from capture after arriving in any of the final four slots (home). In this race game counters cannot be manoeuvred to block opponents' moves.

The most notable feature of Pop n Dash is the Pop die container. This device is a clear plastic hemisphere containing the die, placed over a flexible sheet. Players roll the die by pressing down quickly on the bubble, which flexes the sheet and causes the die to tumble upon its rebound. The Pop n Dash container produces a popping sound when it is used, and prevents the die from being lost (and players from cheating by improper rolling). It allows for quick die rolls, and players' turns can be performed in rapid succession. The die is imprinted with the traditional circular pips.

Players may move pieces out of their start only when the die lands on 6. Getting a 6 at any point in the game also allows the player to take another turn, even if the player cannot move any of their pieces (as they cannot land on any of their own pieces). They can also move a new piece out even if they have another piece currently in play, and can also do the same if another player's piece is occupying their "start" space, but cannot do so when one of their own pieces is occupying their "start" space.

If the die in the Pop n Dash container has not clearly landed on a number, then the player who popped it can tap the Pop n Dash, but may not re-pop while the die is in limbo.

Ideal board games for families.